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The artistic process or “my journey to the finished artwork” is as important as the artwork itself. It is even more intimate. Each painting is a new adventure, a kind of inner journey. The process is the path I discover step by step during the creation. Sometimes, I encounter difficulties, dead-ends, crossroads that make me take other directions and experience new things, but my destination is always an emotion. It is when I feel it that I know I have arrived.

peinture en cours tableau
Palette peinture-acrylique-bleu-outremer

This place where…
… time seems suspended
… I can express anything
… impossible doesn’t exist
… my creativity is playing
… ideas and questions arise from all sides
… my sensitivity is tested
… I connect myself to my intuition
… I free myself
… simply, I am.

Portrait artiste peintre Tiphanie Canada atelier

The artist works from her art studio space she has set up in her apartment located in Bayonne, Basque Country (South West of France).

« We make paper from tree trunks, so I decided to make my tree trunks with paper… »


I share my daily life in my art studio on social media.

I publish sequences of my daily life via Instagram and Facebook stories. 

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tableau en cours atelier Tiphanie Canada