Tiphanie Canada is a painter who was born in Bayonne (South West of France) in 1989.

Very early, she was interested in art creation and had a preference for painting.

In 2008, she obtained her hight school diploma specialized in Literature and Art. Then, during ten years, she studied different areas (but not art) in Bordeaux, La Rochelle and Bayonne.

She spent a year in New York, became an expat student during a semester in Shanghai, worked in Spain and volunteer in Indonesia. During those years, she learnt a lot about other cultures and herself. However, she didn’t practice art anymore because of a lack of time.

«It was necessary for me to find an inner balance. It is why I put back my art practice in the center of my life. I had to move away from it to realize how much it is a part of me.»

After graduating from a Master’s degree, she felt the need to paint again. She resumed painting in 2018 and she fully dedicated to her art practice from 2019.


The interaction between matter and light is the essence of my work. I have a visceral need to bring them together.

For me, the artistic process or “my journey to the finished artwork” is as important as the artwork itself. It is even more intimate. Each painting is a new adventure, a kind of inner journey. The process is the path I discover step by step during the creation. Sometimes, I encounter difficulties, dead-ends, crossroads that make me take other directions and experience new things, but my destination is always an emotion. It is when I feel it that I know I have arrived.

As a self-taught artist, I developed my own technique using mixed media, combining collage, acrylic paint and ink. A practice that takes place in three stages : first I work on the textures with reliefs, then I use colors as emotions and bring light with gold pigments that sublimate and reveal another aspect of the artwork.

My main subject is the dialogue with Nature. Humans are part of Nature. Nowadays, some tend to forget about it. Humans have to reconnect with this Nature. Its balance and development depend on it.

I simplifie the objects of my works by getting red of superfluous details to keep only the quintessence. To me, it is the removal of these details that lifts a veil allowing to enter in a world of emotions.

An intuitive artistic process

From freehand drawing on canvas to the choice of colors, I work with my intuition through a constant inner dialogue.


I play with the material by creating reliefs and exploring different textures.

In this way, I create illusion by « sculpting » my canvas. I start from a raw material, often recycled, and I reshape it to form a new imaginary world, full in reliefs.

It is also a way to anticipate the reflection of light on the different surfaces and textures.


Colors and their powerful vibrations are a means of generating all kind of emotions. This is how I use colors. It is an emotional journey which aims at a certain harmony. From chaos to harmony : I usually don’t like what I am painting until I feel the chaos dissipating and the harmony glowing.


This is the last step of my creative process that I experience as an inner liberation.

Although our approaches are different, like Pierre Soulages, I am very interested in the reflection of light on surfaces.

The light participates in the experience all the time. Depending on its intensity, it changes the perception of the painting.

However, there is another light that I try to express. The one that comes from inside.


What matters to me is to merge the interior light with the reflections of the surfaces (exterior light).

My work is completed when the material, the colors and the light are balanced and become One.

A reconciliation between matter and light which are partly linked and united by colors.