Tiphanie Canada is a painter who was born in Bayonne (South West of France) in 1989.

Very early, she was interested in art creation and had a preference for painting.

In 2008, she obtained her hight school diploma specialized in Literature and Art. Then, during ten years, she studied different areas in Bordeaux, La Rochelle and Bayonne.

She spent a year in New York, became an expat student during a semester in Shanghai, worked in Spain and volunteered in Indonesia. During those years, she learnt a lot about other cultures and herself. However, she didn’t practice art anymore because of a lack of time.

«It was necessary for me to find an inner balance. It is why I put back my art practice in the center of my life. I had to move away from it to realize how much it is a part of me.»

After graduating from a Master’s degree, she felt the need to paint again. She resumed painting in 2018 and she fully dedicated to her art practice from 2019.



Self-taught, Tiphanie has developed her own plastic expression by experimenting mixed media.
Her interest in textures and the way light interact with reliefs fascinates her.
Her technique mixed string and paper collages, acrylic paint and ink.